Water Filtration Products

From handy filter bottles for on-the-go use to whole-house filters for the entire home, JoJo has a water filter for every setup and requirement.

For the health and wellbeing of you, your family and our environment. JoJo’s water filtration products use Disruptor™ and Electroadsorption technology to trap and remove viruses, bacteria, parasites, chlorine and medicine to ensure you always have access to healthy, great-tasting water.

We believe in reducing our impact on the environment, which is why our range includes solutions for a wide variety of applications and requirements – from filter bottles you can take with you wherever you go (which means less single-use plastic), to whole-house filters that purify all water used inside the home.

Water Filters

Our range of Disruptor™ water filters.

JoJo’s water filtration range caters for a wide variety of needs and uses. Whether you are looking for a mobile filtration solution for healthy, great-tasting water on the go, an installed unit at a specific point-of-use within the home, or filtered water for the entire household, we have a product for you.

Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges for JoJo’s range of water filters.

Quick and easy to install, our range of filter cartridges are exclusively suitable for use with JoJo water filters. Simply ensure that you purchase the correct cartridge for your JoJo water filter and follow the activation instructions prior to use for proper functionality and optimum results.

Water Conditioners

Our range of water conditioners.

Increasing the quality of the water in your system, to inhibit scale and corrosion in important appliances and systems such as solar devices, air-conditioners, heat exchangers and more. The water treated by the Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor is not safe for consumption and should be filtered by one of JoJo’s filtration products before using the water for consumption.